Newsletter | August 16, 2019

08.16.19 -- A SaaS Founder Shares 3 Mistakes Startups Can Avoid

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Navigating The Terms Of Your Catalytic Pricing Moment
By Chris Mele

Following these four pricing dos and don’ts can help a software company respond correctly when a high-value prospect comes knocking at the door.

The Physics Of Software Business Operations
By Abby Sorensen, chief editor

The COO of Moogsoft explains how simple changes to customer success, marketing, and sales operations can set the stage for growth.

Who Is At The Center Of Your Funding Universe: Employees, Products, Or Customers?
By Dr. Kristin Walle and Nicolle Paradise

This customer-centric operations model will help software companies reimagine how they make strategic decisions and, thus, funding allocation decisions.

A SaaS Founder Shares 3 Mistakes Startups Can Avoid
By Ameet Shah

This all-in-one management software platform made a few mistakes as it grew to $10 million+ ARR, 75+ employees, 4,500+ happy customers, and a spot on the Inc. 5000 list two years in a row.

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Improving Close Rates And Winning More Deals At Blackbaud
Video | Seismic

Alan Yarborough, sales enablement marketing manager at Blackbaud, shares how Seismic has helped marketing empower sales with the right content for every selling scenario to impact the bottom line.

How The Subscription Paradigm Flips The Cloud Financials Market
Article | By David Appel, Sage Intacct, Inc.

The shift from orders to subscriptions might not sound earthshaking on the surface, but as Sage Intacct's David Appel explains, it's changing the entire cloud financials market.

Build Or Buy? Key Considerations In Implementing Software Usage Analytics
White Paper | Revulytics

Development teams are challenged to build increasingly competitive products, but they must overcome difficult tradeoffs to do so. They must prioritize a mounting backlog of new feature requests, balance innovation with maintenance, manage growing technical debt, improve quality and usability, accelerate delivery, and reduce cost — all at the same time.