Magazine Article | April 2, 2018

Ask The Board: GDPR Advice From 3 Software CEOs

Source: Software Executive magazine

Q: How can software companies leverage GDPR as a business enablement tool both before and after the May 2018 deadline?

A: CONCEPTS SUCH AS TRANSPARENT consent for data collection, the “right to be forgotten,” and “privacy by design” are all paradigms that play into GDPR. These will cause many businesses to reevaluate their data collection processes and security infrastructures. These business owners will have abundant questions as to how to move forward appropriately, creating mandates to create solutions that address a roster of new needs. For instance, companies will need to restructure their marketing processes to accommodate the new requirement for complete transparency in how data will be used by an organization. “Privacy by design” will dictate that most software be revamped with data protection at the heart of the platform, as opposed to as an add-on.