Magazine Article | April 2, 2018

Companies To Watch: Bridgit

Source: Software Executive magazine

By Abby Sorensen, Executive Editor

This construction punch list software company has a scrappy mentality and a commitment to building systems and processes that will scale.

In the early days of construction punch list company Bridgit, co-founders Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Lake were so cash-strapped they couldn’t afford to ship IKEA desks from the store to their basement apartment office. The desks were in the budget, but the $200 to ship them was not. This was four years ago, long before they secured upwards of $3 million in funding and scaled to more than 30 employees. The way Brodie remembers it, the startup had neither the time nor the gas money for a separate trip to buy the desks in Toronto (roughly 130 roundtrip miles from their home in Kitchener, ON). To solve this, they decided to fit in the IKEA stop before a sales appointment nearby. Brodie and Lake purchased the desks before their meeting, only to realize the boxes didn’t fit in their car. The line for returns was so long they would have missed their meeting. They needed to engineer a quick fix.