Magazine Article | February 1, 2019

Companies To Watch: Garcon

Source: Software Executive magazine

By Abby Sorensen, Chief Editor

A first-time founder’s business acumen and ability to stretch resources has this restaurant self-ordering app poised for breakout growth in 2019.

Garcon, the software startup that is a point of sale integrated in-restaurant ordering and payment app, is not pronounced “gar-con.” CEO and founder Nick Miller-Sanchez wants his company to grow to the point where it’s like Nike — everyone automatically pronounces the long “-ee” sound when saying the name of iconic sportswear and equipment manufacturer. Garcon (pronounced gar-sawn) means “waiter” in French. The name is a nod to both the culinary capital of the world and to the app’s core function: to allow independent restaurants and smaller chains the convenience of a self-service app that typically only large chains could afford.