Magazine Article | April 2, 2018

Customer Success Is Not A Department – It's A Strategy

Source: Software Executive magazine

By Abby Sorensen, Chief Editor

VP of Customer Success Jocelyn Brown shares how she built a customer health score and elevated the status of her team within Allocadia, the thriving marketing performance management software company.

The term “customer success” might have made its debut in the software business in roughly 1996, when a CRM company (Vantive) created a Customer Success Manager role. That’s according to the Customer Success Association, one of few who have attempted to track the history of customer success as a profession. For a concept that still feels relatively fresh in the software world, customer success is almost as old as Amazon. But like Amazon’s early annual revenue growth, customer success took a few years to catch on. In 2004, another CRM company (Siebel, acquired by Oracle in 2006) created its own “Customer Success Management” team. And of course, anyone who has followed the progression of customer success knows Salesforce was a pioneer when its “Customers For Life” team was formed circa 2014. Customer success isn’t limited to CRM software companies. In between Siebel and Salesforce came Gainsight, which amassed more than $150 million in funding, built a 4,000-attendee conference of record for the customer success industry, and represented upwards of $2 trillion in market cap among its enterprise customers since it was founded in 2013.