Guest Column | December 7, 2015

Do Less, Work Better: 3 Efficiency Tips For Developers

By Howard Diamond, CEO, MobileDay

Skills Mobile Developers Need To Succeed

Mobile devices, cloud computing, analytics: These are the trends that are radically changing the way the business world operates, giving them new opportunities to enhance performance and function more efficiently. At the same time, they’re putting strain on the developers who make innovation possible through increased pressure to constantly create new, innovative tools that will help customers keep pace.

It’s important to think about how to please end users, since after all, they’re the ones who keep the lights on at the end of the day. But when there are a variety of factors making life difficult for developers — compounded by the image put out by high profile Silicon Valley developers who wear their obscenely long hours as a badge of honor — it’s worth putting some real thought into tactics to improve the situation.

Ultimately you want to do less while working better. Here are three steps to make that possible...

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