Guest Column | December 8, 2015

5 Essential Aspects Of A Data Privacy Policy

By Jonathan Buckley, Senior VP of Marketing, at Qubole

Data Privacy Policy Aspects

Data has become the lifeblood of many organizations and businesses. Without it, their operations become inefficient and borderline inoperable. To make it all work, companies have needed to collect as much data as they can on their customers. Simply doing so without permission isn’t allowed, so many businesses construct privacy policies that give them the go-ahead to use customer information as long as the customers are fine with it. Unfortunately, many organizations have created privacy policies which are poorly made, ones that don’t accurately reflect what the business does with the data and don’t inform the customer in any meaningful way. Failure to make a good privacy policy could open a company up to possible lawsuits, fines, regulatory audits, and more. To improve a company’s privacy policy, companies should seriously consider the following tips.

  1. Simplify. Because a privacy policy is such a serious document, many companies create theirs so that they are filled with legalese and complicated constructions. This makes it difficult for regular people to actually read it. That’s why organizations need to make their privacy policies simple. There’s a reason so many people skip reading these policies or simply click the button indicating they have read it right off the bat. If a privacy policy is too complex or too wordy, it ceases to serve much purpose. Companies that make privacy policies that include a short form, highlights, and even visual icons make it a lot easier for their customers to understand. They also improve their own transparency.

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