Article | May 10, 2018

How To Improve Customer Success And Reduce Customer Churn In A SaaS Company

By Jen MacLean-Rogan

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What is Customer Success for today's business?

Customer Success provides a solid foundation for a company to grow and scale with customers for life. In today's competitive market, SaaS providers fully depend on upsells, referrals and renewals year after year. Most SaaS companies put all of their focus and effort into developing their product(s) and acquiring new customers and logos. The problem with this strategy, and why so many SaaS companies are becoming increasingly stressed about customer churn, is customer acquisition is just the beginning of a long-term service engagement with your customers. The services your Customer Success Managers (CSMs) provide as well as the quality and focus of their interactions with customers can deliver unbeatable value and have a greater impact on your customers' success, than your product(s). You could have the best product in the world with all the bells and whistles, but it won't give you a competitive advantage or loyal customers if the quality of your customer engagement is lacking or focused on the wrong things.

Three key secrets for increasing renewals and referrals and getting customers for life:

To start, there are three key focus areas for improving the quality and results of your customer success efforts and interactions as a CSM. First and foremost, you must understand, educate and reinforce with your customers (and most likely with your internal C-suite and colleagues) that Customer Success is not a short-term focus on your product's features, functionality and benefits. Customer Success is a proactively managed, long-term relationship strategy with your customers.