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ISV Insights Philadelphia 2017 Agenda Update

Source: Software Executive magazine
ISVinsights Agenda

September 7, 2017, Erie, PA: The Business Solutions Network is excited to announce the agenda for its Philadelphia event, ISV Insights. The conference is scheduled for October 12, 2017 at the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue.

ISV Insights Philadelphia is a vibrant forum for thought-leadership and the application of best practices for executive-level professionals at software companies. These conferences and exhibitions form a community of networking and discuss topics most relevant to software executives within an open format that promotes panel and attendee interaction.

This Philadelphia event will be the fourth conference The Business Solutions Network has hosted, covering topics to help software companies understand how to raise capital, address human resources challenges, implement sales and marketing solutions, price their products effectively, sustain their businesses, and build a reseller channel.

“We are excited to spend a day helping software executives work on their businesses,” said Abby Sorensen, Executive Editor of Software Executive Magazine and ISV Insights Events Conference Chair. “Our panelists understand the challenges associated with running a successful software business. While there are plenty of resources to help software executives enhance the technical aspects of software products, this event is a unique opportunity to learn business best practices."

Featured panels include:

What is the ideal software pricing strategy? Getting the pricing right is a key challenge for software companies. This panel of software executives will discuss KPIs, adjusting prices, contracts and billing, discounting, tiered pricing models, and SaaS. Panelists include: John Alarcon, CFO, LoanLogics; Patrick Campbell, Co-Founder & CEO, Price Intelligently; Sunir Shah, President, The Small Business Web; and Abby Sorensen, Executive Editor, Software Executive (Moderator).

Surefire Strategies for raising capital. You’ve decided it’s time to raise capital, what’s next? Investors and ISVs who have successfully raised capital discuss formulating your elevator pitch, which parts of the business will be put under the most scrutiny by investors, and how to keep investors happy. Panelists include: Bill Butler, CEO, Journey Sales;  George Krautzel, Managing Partner, MissionOG; Yuriy Porytko, Managing General Partner, 123invest; and Abby Sorensen, Executive Editor, Software Executive (Moderator).

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ISV Insights Philadelphia Events:

October 12, 2017 | Philadelphia

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