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What Software Customers Need To Be Successful
By Tom Sweeny

In an effort to understand what customer success looks like from the customer perspective, we conducted a study of software professionals responsible for managing, implementing, or administering software-based initiatives within a business environment.

5 Steps To Significant Revenue Growth
By Robert Jurkowski

The former CEO of Intacct — and current revenue acceleration consultant — shares time-tested strategies to help any software company grow.

Executive Profile: Ganesh Shankar Of RFPIO Inc.
By Ganesh Shankar

When we started RFPIO, my primary concern was to get that first customer. That kept me up at night. Then, my focus turned to fundraising. Now that we have more than $25 million in funding and thousands of users, we’re in a great spot, but I’m still very focused on making sure we are doing everything that we can to support our customers.

Inside Software's Talent Pipeline Problem
By Suzanne Ryan

I propose that beyond hiring qualified women to fill job vacancies, the most good I or any software executive can do to narrow the gender gap in the workplace is to leave the workplace.

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Channel Partners Need Your Help (But Not Via Another Email About Your Software’s Latest Features)
From The Editor | By Abby Sorensen, chief editor, Software Executive magazine

Of all the points emphasized throughout the Toronto ISV Connect Summit, this might be the most important: Your partners don’t care about your software’s features and functions as much as you think they do.