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Change Management In Action: Exploring Influitive’s Turnaround
By Mark Organ

This marketing software company orchestrated a huge turnaround after implementing the OKR goal-setting process for its 125+ employees.

6 Tech M&A Myths & Misconceptions
By Jim Perkins

Far too many software and IT companies are not calibrating their value in the current M&A market. One of the main reasons is that they believe in myths and misconceptions. Here are six of the major ones.

7 Things Resellers Really Look For When Picking SaaS To Sell
By Amon Prasad

The CEO and founder of an MSP throws some straight talk at software vendors about how to partner with reseller companies like the one he runs.

Why Product Teams Are Better “On Tap”
By Mark Orttung

Many software companies need to accelerate faster than they can hire, but simply contracting a few outsourced developers might not be the best option.

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Software Startup Founder Q&A: Winning Tier-One Customers
A conversation with Jeff Hong, cofounder of Bite

Jeff Hong taught himself to code when he built out the first MVP for Bite, a fast-growing software company that is already winning tier-one customers in the retail and hospitality verticals.

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