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Who Should Be At The Center Of Your Funding Universe?
By Dr. Kristin Walle & Nicolle Paradise

This customer-centric operations model will help software companies reimagine how they make strategic decisions and, thus, funding allocation decisions.

5 Ways To Maintain Positive Cash Flow At Your Software Company
By Mike Brody

Even with all forces working in your favor, managing cash flow is hard. Serial entrepreneur and SaaS founder Mike Brody explains how he strives to maintain positive cash flow.

Executive Profile: Fred Voccola Of Kaseya
By Fred Voccola

Kaseya's CEO talks driving revenue growth, prioritizing opportunities, and more in this featured Q&A.

7 Steps For Simplifying SaaS Financial Audits
By Tim McCormick

Audits are never a walk in the park, but the unique financial requirements of a SaaS business model can make them especially challenging.

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5 Steps To Drive Your SaaS Company From Early To Growth Stage
E-Book | Sage Intacct, Inc.

Investors expect you to prove different aspects of your business model at each stage of growth to achieve your next round of funding. This e-book focuses on the early and growth stages. In your early stage, you need to prove your revenue model.

How TechSmith Improved Products And User Experience While Growing Sales
Case Study | Revulytics

Helping users get more value from their software is a goal shared by product teams, product marketers, content management specialists, developers, and everyone else. Understanding how customers actually work with their products is central to their success.