Magazine Article | April 13, 2016

SaaS Model Pays Long Term

By The Business Solutions Network

This ISV passes up short-term money for long-term recurring revenue from SaaS contracts and payment residuals.

Those with a long history in the POS business have witnessed the influx of new tablet-based software companies within the past few years. While many of these companies are still playing catch-up when it comes to features and functions the old school software companies provide, they have some advantages in that many were born in the cloud, have no old code to support, are nimble, lean, and hungry. Glen Blanch, owner, of Premier Systems, developer of POSi-tab Pro, a POS software for Windows 8 tablets, is one such ISV. A good example of how his business model is playing out can be seen with an installation he did for Chuck’s Bicycle Repair in El Paso, TX.