The Marketing Bell Curve Software Companies Should Avoid

By Charles Var, SyncHR


In the software world, less is almost never more. You always want more leads, more engineers, more customers, more integrations, more renewals, more, more, more. But when it comes to marketing, it’s sometimes smart to focus on less. Charles Var, CMO at SaaS startup SyncHR, knows this sounds counterintuitive. In less than 60 seconds, he explains why.

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This may seem counterintuitive, but less is more at this stage in your company. It’s totally counterintuitive, particularly when you’ve got some success under your belt and you may have some VC money – or maybe you’re bootstrapped and you’re profitable.

The last thing you’d think about doing is less. You actually think about doing more.

There’s an interesting bell curve in marketing where most startups on one end of the bell curve from a marketing perspective will try everything. They’ll try social media, they’ll try paid advertising, they’ll try PR, they’ll try trade shows, they’ll try email.

Then they get to a certain stage in their business where they say, “We can’t do all of this stuff, we can’t sustain it, so let’s just do the things that we know work.” And so, they whittle it down to maybe four or five things that really work, then they have this great success. And they get all this money from VCs. Then they start doing everything again.