Magazine Article | April 2, 2018

The Real Story Of A Software Company's 32-Hour Work Week Experiment

Source: Software Executive magazine

By Abby Sorensen, Executive Editor

Wildbit had just started experimenting with a 32-hour work week when I first met co-founder and CEO Natalie Nagele in August 2017. Not surprisingly, the web-exclusive story behind this software company’s unique work arrangement was one of the most popular to run on our sister website and in Software Executive’s e-newsletter. Beginning in June 2017, Wildbit’s full-time employees started taking Fridays off and only working four, eight-hour days per week. Who wouldn’t want to work so efficiently and in such a focused way that they could work less and continue to ship quality code, on time, to happy customers? It certainly sounds nice in theory. Realistically though, when I talked to Nagele nearly six months ago, she admitted she wasn’t sure how long Wildbit’s experiment would continue or if it would be able to continue working four-day weeks.