Guest Column | September 7, 2016

Tips For Solving Top Business Challenges Through Software Development

Luis Reyes, Founder and CEO of Software Logic,

By Luis Reyes, Founder and CEO of Software Logic,

When businesses turn to Software Logic to help solve their technology challenges, they often ask three critical business questions:

  • Can you complete the job on time and on budget?
  • Can the solution be built and deployed for my environment?
  • Will the new software you are building obligate us to use your services even after the project is complete?  

To address these concerns, allow us to share some important tips and considerations for any company looking for a software development partner.

Let’s be Agile. Historically, software development projects would spend considerable time gathering tedious amounts of requirements from a group of business leaders before the developers write a line of code.  In this process, months can pass by before any tangible results begin to form. However, Agile was created to solve this problem. Agile helps to organize your development into smaller components so that developers can start writing code right away. Agile is effective because the business receives real and tangible results very early in the process. Because of its benefits, Agile enables the developer to meet timelines and expectations; therefore, we learned how to do it really well.