Guest Column | June 23, 2015

6 Tips For Surefire Email Marketing Campaigns For IT Solutions Providers

By Matt Hagg, Marketing Operations Specialist, Continuum Managed IT Services

Email Marketing Campaigns For IT Solutions Providers

First, why do an email campaign? It’s an important question because email campaigns are not as easy as picking up the phone to make cold calls and, done right, they take time to plan. Being in the IT industry, it’s important to create a personal relationship with your audience and position yourself as an authority regarding customers’ IT needs. An email campaign is one of the best ways to educate on IT topics pertinent to customers. Consider these factors when designing an effective email marketing campaign to position yourself and company as an IT expert:

  1. Start With The End. Before starting, know what your campaign needs to accomplish, imagining the perfect scenario. By starting with the goal in mind, you are able to come up with the talking points that will gain customers’ trust and become an advisor when it comes to anything IT. Why would they need your IT services? Why are you a good fit for them? What can you provide that your competitors cannot? Can we save them money? How can you help them with hurdles in their verticals? This helps focus and leverage your strengths and how to position them within the campaign.

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