Software Executive Magazine Feature Articles

  1. How To Build A Reseller Channel From The Ground Up In 90 Days

    6 practical tips for planting the seeds that can grow into an impressive and highly lucrative part of your software business.

  2. You Can’t Lead Without Knowing Your Purpose

    The CEO of a dental practice management software company shares why leadership can be a very lonely job (and what to do about it).

  3. The Hard Thing About Hiring Software Engineers

    Finding the best developer talent means treating the hiring process like a marketing funnel and a process that can be patched.

  4. Ask The Board: How Does Customer Support Help Your Sales Team?

    Three members of the Software Executive editorial advisory board offer advice on how they leverage customer support during the sales process.

  5. Why A New SaaS Entrepreneur Ditched His Financiers

    Joel Ragar didn’t know there were alternatives to raising money when he dropped out of college to cofound a golf course management software company – and since then his philosophy of how to run a successful, profitable, sustainable business has changed drastically.

  6. Why Software Businesses Must Solve The Profit Equation

    Headlines are littered with monumentally unprofitable companies that have the ability to raise capital, but don’t let those exceptions to the rule make your software business forget about the importance of profitability.

  7. Executive Profile: Wombat Security, a division of Proofpoint

    Seasoned customer success executive Paul Chilensky offers advice on structuring teams, tracking metrics, and implementing tools for CS teams.

  8. 5 Aspects Of A Software M&A Due Diligence Checklist

    A software entrepreneur who has sold multiple companies shares highlights from his 187 category, 11-page, single-spaced due diligence checklist he's been using and evolving for over 30 years.

  9. Software Entrepreneur Q&A: Recruiters, Managing People, & What Startups Can Learn From Oracle

    I recently interviewed the co-founder/CEO who attributes much of this success to a talk he heard at the Business of Software (BoS) conference from Michael "Mikey" Trafton, who shares more advice with readers.

  10. Customer Support Tips For Small Software Companies

    As the company’s one and only employee, Chris Muench admits it can be tough to go from coding to support calls, and then back to coding. Interruptions for customer support are a fact of life for solo entrepreneurs, and Muench offers some sound advice for his peers at other small software companies.