Software Executive Magazine Feature Articles

  1. Do You Really Know What’s Causing Churn?

    The customers using your software, especially those with purchasing and decision- making authority, are busy. Too busy to hop on the phone for an hour and run through a postmortem for a software solution they are no longer interested in using.

  2. It Pays To Think Outside The Box When Marketing Software

    You can take a problem with your software and use it to your advantage with creative marketing strategies.

  3. Cash Rules: Advice For Maintaining Positive Cash Flow At Your Software Company

    Even with all forces working in your favor, managing cash flow is hard. Serial entrepreneur and SaaS founder Mike Brody explains how he strives to maintain positive cash flow.

  4. From 0 To 2000+ Partners How A SaaS Company’s Channel Program Reached Critical Mass

    To say that ID Agent’s channel growth has been impressive would be a gross understatement. A more accurate assessment might say the company is a textbook example of how SaaS firms can grow exponentially without a direct sales team. Its channel play began in May 2017, when the company’s headcount was a grand total of two: Solomon and CEO/cofounder Kevin Lancaster. By December of that year 500 partners were reselling the software. Fast forward to today, and those partners total more than 2,000 in 22 countries and 45 employees.

  5. 7 Steps For Simplifying SaaS Financial Audits

    Audits are never a walk in the park, but the unique financial requirements of a SaaS business model can make them especially challenging.

  6. A SaaS Founder Shares 3 Mistakes Startups Can Avoid

    This all-in-one management software platform made a few mistakes as it grew to $10 million+ ARR, 75+ employees, 4,500+ happy customers, and a spot on the Inc. 5000 list two years in a row.

  7. Channel Best Practices From The First 10 Channel Journeys Podcasts

    A leading expert in the channel shares advice on strategy, management, marketing, sales, automation, and transformation.

  8. The State Of The Channel In B2B SaaS

    Are channel partnerships driving SaaS revenue? And if so, how much? As it turns out, channel is an important edge for B2B SaaS growth. SaaS Capital reported on their annual survey of 1,000+ private B2B SaaS companies and the impact of channel on revenue.

  9. Inside TouchBistro’s Innovative Product Road Mapping Process

    The VP of product management at a leading restaurant point of sale software company developed a thorough process to ensure its roadmaps are on the right track.

  10. An ISV’s Guide To Acting On Customer Feedback

    Six data-collecting tactics to help you listen to your customers, plus best practices for acting on what they say.