Software Executive Magazine Feature Articles

  1. Operationalizing Growth At Upserve

    This CEO opens up about the strategy for ushering this restaurant point of sale and analytics software company toward its next phase of growth.

  2. Channel Partners Need Your Help (But Not Via Another Email About Your Software’s Latest Features)

    When BlueStar invited me to join them at their ISV Connect Summits in 2019, I jumped at the chance to help steer education sessions. Why? Because I know many software companies want to have successful partner programs, but they struggle to execute when it comes to selling their software through indirect channels.

  3. Remote Control: How To Keep An International Workforce In Sync

    The CEO and cofounder of a rapidly growing enterprise software company explains how its mission and culture adapt to encompass team members across seven offices in two countries.

  4. Series A SaaS Startup Benchmarks

    In early January 2019, Tomasz Tunguz analyzed how far along typical Series A SaaS companies were in 2018. The median growth rate (250%) and median ARR ($1.8 million) were surprisingly large.

  5. What Software Customers Need To Be Successful

    In an effort to understand what customer success looks like from the customer perspective, we conducted a study of software professionals responsible for managing, implementing, or administering software-based initiatives within a business environment.

  6. The New Software Marketing Mindset

    A seasoned SaaS CMO shares 5 simple moves marketers need to nail.

  7. 5 Steps To Significant Revenue Growth In 2019

    The former CEO of Intacct – and current revenue acceleration consultant – shares time-tested strategies to help any software company grow.

  8. Executive Profile: Ganesh Shankar of RFPIO Inc.

    When we started RFPIO, my primary concern was to get that first customer. That kept me up at night. Then, my focus turned to fundraising. Now that we have more than $25 million in funding and thousands of users, we’re in a great spot, but I’m still very focused on making sure we are doing everything that we can to support our customers.

  9. When Software Engineers Take On Sales And Culture

    This CEO started a software company 30+ years ago with the belief that the engineering team should call all the shots (and as a result, he’s never had a commissioned sales force).

  10. Companies To Watch: Upper Hand

    This B2B2C software platform serves up flexible features and complementary services while growing its customer base of sports businesses 125 percent YoY.