Software Executive Magazine Feature Articles

  1. Navigating Internal Obstacles When Cultivating Change For Customers

    This framework can help customer-facing teams get the recognition and resources their presales counterparts expect.

  2. Mitigating Direct vs. Indirect Sales Channel Conflict

    Selling more software through indirect sales channels can create headaches for your direct sales team – and your partners – unless you proactively take steps to address the potential conflict.

  3. Back To First Principles: Be Different To Be Better

    A SaaS CEO shares how and why his company defied conventional software wisdom to stand out from competitors when it comes to product offering, pricing, customization, and support.

  4. Executive Profile: Epicor Software Corporation

    I think there are many in the software industry who fear getting “caught out” as to how much they don’t know about the technology behind SaaS. We need to be knowledgeable to clearly communicate the technical and business challenges and benefits around the cloud.

  5. Customer Success Management: The Development Of A Profession

    Along with the skyrocketing number of jobs, the role of customer success has seen some important changes in the process of becoming a distinct and recognized profession in the software space.

  6. Reevaluating Software Success In 2019

    Success is often too narrowly defined by how much a company has raised, whether or not it is on a path to go public, or how quickly headcount has scaled.

  7. Back To Bootstrapping: Why Wistia Raised $17.3 Million In Debt

    Raising debt instead of selling the business or bringing on more investors defied conventional wisdom in the tech space, but it ultimately set this video software company on the right path for a sustainable future.

  8. Ask The Board: Goal Setting For Software Companies

    Business Insider claims 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. We asked our editorial advisory board how they set goals and how they ensure their companies stay on track.

  9. 6 Questions To Ask When Deciding What To Outsource

    Each time you need to add a service for an internal or external client, you have a choice: You can do it yourself, or you can hire someone to do it for you. These six questions can help you decide which of those two choices is the right move.

  10. Detecting – And Protecting From – A Toxic Work Environment

    Every business wants to have a great culture, but for many of us that is not our reality. And if we aren’t willing to talk about this and learn from each other’s mistakes, toxic work environments will continue to perpetuate.