Software Executive Magazine Feature Articles

  1. You Get What You Pay For – Compensating SaaS Sales Reps

    The hard truth about hiring top sales talent is that compensation matters much more than the software those reps are selling, no matter how innovative your products might be.

  2. The State Of Customer Success In Software

    This data-driven analysis of the customer success journey in the software world shows where we are now and where we are headed.

  3. Companies To Watch: Soter Technologies

    This determined EdTech founder is engineering hardware solutions, releasing new product lines quickly, and setting his sights on the enterprise market.

  4. Want Partners To Sell More Of Your Software? Help Them Hire

    Equipping your top-tier partners with the tools to execute an effective sales talent process can increase partner mind share and revenue.

  5. Changes To Billing, Pricing, And Discounting – And Why They’re Worth It

    The president and CEO of this HIPAA compliancy software company made some minor operational and sales tweaks that showed immediate returns.

  6. Will Reliance On Direct Sales Bankrupt Your Software Business?

    A panel of channel and software execs weigh in on the promise, peril, and power of channel programs.

  7. SaaS Growth The Smart Way

    This SaaS startup has eschewed the raise-as-much as- you-can, growth-at-all-costs mantra of Silicon Valley while patiently engineering a product and culture poised for long-term success.

  8. Best Practices For Rolling Out A Major Feature Update

    NorthStar Point of Sale 4.5 was released in a condensed timeline with an all-in effort from multiple teams, and other software companies can learn from this approach.

  9. Channel Ecosystem Trends

    CompTIA’s seventh annual State of the Channel report tells software companies with channel partners what they should know when planning their partner strategy for 2019.

  10. Software Is Not A Game Of Perfect

    There is no such thing as “perfect” advice when it comes to software businesses