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  1. Turning Customer Relationships Into Partnerships

    For sales executives aiming to close the deal, it’s equally important to focus on what happens after the close. Specifically, after the sale has been made it’s critical to continue to cultivate and expand the customer relationship and realize the relationship is not simply transactional.

  2. 3 Ways RFP Responders Can Better Help Companies Win More Business

    Unlike sales professionals who may traverse the country from one trade show or convention to another on a weekly basis, RFP responders often stay put year-round. As such, many of the attendees found tremendous value in the ability to finally connect with like-minded folks who share the common goal of helping their companies win more business.

  3. The Key To Winning SaaS RFPs

    Before diving into the ways to win an RFP, it’s important to understand why organizations lose RFPs to competitors. From my experience there are three consistent reasons why software organizations lose RFPs.

  4. SaaS Sales Automation Is A Very Expensive Failure

    Fewer SaaS reps are making quota. Published sources credibly report over 50 percent of reps do not make quota at all. Sales automation cannot overcome fundamental market changes. Why?

  5. Where Customer Success and Customer Experience Converge To Increase SaaS Success

    There is a constant debate about CX. Who should be responsible for the Customer Experience? Some see CX as synonymous with the customer journey, and often under the jurisdiction of Marketing, while others think it belongs with Customer Success, and should be the underlying goal of all business functions.

  6. How An Engineering Team At A 125+ Person SaaS Company Transformed With OKRs

    The OKR framework is generating a lot of buzz in the tech industry. Influitive’s director of software engineering Nick Faulkner shares his perspective on why he was skeptical OKRs would work, why he’s now a believer, and how this framework has given the company’s engineering team a new sense of purpose when developing software.

  7. Mitigating Direct vs. Indirect Sales Channel Conflict

    Selling more software through indirect sales channels can create headaches for your direct sales team – and your partners – unless you proactively take steps to address the potential conflict.

  8. What The Most Successful ISVs Do Differently

    An ISV’s effort does not end when the client is onboarded. In fact, it’s what you do after the sale that can make all the difference in your churn rate, the amount of self-referral leads you receive, and the average length of time a newly boarded customer stays with you.

  9. 6 Mistakes Software Companies Make With Channel Programs

    Building an indirect sales channel is not easy, and it takes time and effort to do this correctly. In building our channel at MicroBiz, here are a few lessons we learned.

  10. 6 Top Challenges SaaS Salespeople Face Today

    Today’s selling space moves at the speed of light, and only the survival-of-the-fittest salespeople will thrive. It’s crucial that sellers learn how to adapt to new buyer behaviors so that they can navigate through the sales process and close more deals.