Web Exclusive

  1. 4 Quick Hits From Epson’s ISV Partner Conference

    Epson’s annual ISV Partner Conference is geared towards ISVs in the retail and hospitality space, but the takeaways below can apply to software companies in any vertical. Here are some of the high-level themes from my two days in Phoenix networking with 70+ software companies and technology executives.

  2. The Marketing Bell Curve Software Companies Should Avoid

    When it comes to SaaS marketing, it’s sometimes smart to focus on less. Charles Var, CMO at SaaS startup SyncHR, knows this sounds counterintuitive. In less than 60 seconds, he explains why.

  3. When Should A Software Startup Hire A CMO?

    A straightforward answer for any SaaS startup wondering when to hire a CMO is, “When you can afford it” (or maybe the more literal answer is, “When your VCs tell you it’s time.”) OpenView suggests a CMO is needed once you’re ready to grow from $25 to $100 million in revenue. A simple web search for “When do startups need to hire a CMO?” will yield all sorts of opinions about the size of the marketing team, the age of a company, or your position in the market place.

  4. What You Missed At The Business of Software Conference

    The Business of Software conference and its community of attendees stays engaged year-round beyond the event. Here are some of the highlights from my three days in Boston.

  5. Takeaways From The Business Of Software Conference

    “10 percent slower and 10 percent lower quality is hard to detect, but it will kill the company in two years.” That was just one of my favorite quotes from the 2018 Business of Software conference. Read on for 7 more quick takeaways.

  6. Customer Support Tips For Small Software Companies

    As the company’s one and only employee, Chris Muench admits it can be tough to go from coding to support calls, and then back to coding. Interruptions for customer support are a fact of life for solo entrepreneurs, and Muench offers some sound advice for his peers at other small software companies.

  7. The 4 Question Test For Software Feature Prioritization

    If you work at a software company, chances are you’ve heard someone ask, “Wouldn’t it be cool if...?” Carl Ryden, co-founder and CEO of PrecisionLender, used to ask himself the same thing. So he developed a test for himself, using these four questions.

  8. 3 Software CEOs Share Advice On Customer Support Operations

    It’s important to keep close tabs on your support operation. Don’t take my word for it – ProfitWell’s Support Benchmarks show 15 percent better retention rates for companies perceived to have good customer support. Here are three software CEOs explaining why they care about customer support, why it matters to their customers, and how they measure its effectiveness.

  9. Why Customer Support Matters In Your Software Sales Process

    During the sales process at Epos Now, we leverage our strong customer support and reviews as a core differentiator and unique selling proposition (USP) to our competitors. 

  10. Don’t Expose Your Software Customers To Your Org Chart

    We’ve all been there: angrily on hold with some service provider wondering why it’s so complicated to get answers to our seemingly simple questions. For me, this most recently happened after calling Marriott Rewards to troubleshoot a glitch that was preventing me from booking a hotel room with my points. Anyone who has tried to call their cable company or insurance company can likely relate. While I was wasting time on the phone I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of customer service metrics they use to track that kind of interaction. Surely the excessive amount of time I was spending on that call wouldn’t meet the standard.