Web Exclusive

  1. Advice From A Veteran SaaS Investor

    I recently talked to an investor who has spent more than 20 years investing in and working with early-stage SaaS companies. This VC has made more than 50 investments in software companies, has more than $250 million under management, and has a cumulative market cap well into the double-digit billions. Here are a few takeaways from our call that can help any software company looking to raise money and scale.

  2. Test Automation Trends & Adoption Rates

    There is a great deal of content around the topic of software test automation, the topic of the third survey in LogiGear’s State of Software Testing Survey series. The sectors are numerous; tool choice, jumpstart platforms, cross platform, services, cloud. With all of this great test automation innovation comes great change.

  3. Event Preview: Software CEOs On Pricing And Raising Capital

    Ask yourself: Do you really want to raise money? Raising money puts you on the track of OWING money. The payback comes in different forms: debt payments, dividends, or climbing equity. But there is payback. You have a boss; you have someone who can demand answers; you have set expectations. Now this is not a bad thing if you think your company has a big enough market, a good enough product and a strong enough team to (1) raise money and (2) give back a nice return.

  4. Software’s Only Constant: Disruption

    In the software world, “disruption” has become one of the most well-worn marketing phrases, to the point where it’s almost laughable to use it as something other than a punchline. But laugh all we want, disruption is still happening. It didn’t stop with the cloud; it didn’t stop with consumerization of IT; and it’s not stopping after all the innovations of today.

  5. ISV Insights Philadelphia 2017 Agenda Update

    The Business Solutions Network is excited to announce the agenda for its Philadelphia event, ISV Insights. The conference is scheduled for October 12, 2017 at the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue.

  6. Scaling Your Culture When Your Headcount Grows 200%

    Cloud-based restaurant software company Toast Inc. was founded in 2012 and has already grown to more than 500 employees. This kind of growth requires much more than finding a bigger office. Toast co-founder and CEO Steve Fredette explains how this growth has required a conscious effort to continually adapt the company’s culture. He’s studied how companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have adapted their culture and has networked with other fast-growing companies nearby in Boston. Fredette also relies on examples his executive team has observed at their past companies.

  7. Cost, Culture, And Your Next Office Move

    Why a software company that has grown 1,700% in 18 months didn’t want to set up shop in a traditional U.S. tech hub.

  8. Channel Program Best Practices: Tips For Onboarding, Training, And Retaining Resellers

    Altaro Software develops backup solutions for small and mid-market businesses. The company was founded in 2009 and has already onboarded more than 5,000 channel partners in its reseller program. Eric Krauss, VP of Sales for The Americas at Altaro, shares advice for other ISVs who are considering starting a channel program. Krauss discusses why Altaro decided to launch a channel program, onboarding and training best practices, and balancing channel and direct sales.

  9. Software Strategic Inflection Points

    A strategic inflection point is a moment when the familiar rules that govern how your business runs change. This could be because of technology, of course, but also because of societal, regulatory, competitive or other actions. Get an inflection point right, and your business can enjoy a growth surge. Get it wrong, and it can lead to rapid decline.

  10. 3 Pitfalls To Avoid When Hiring Software Engineers

    Hiring is hard. I’ve yet to talk to a software executive who disagrees with that statement. Hiring takes time, and there isn’t a playbook to provide shortcuts for finding and retaining good talent. It doesn’t help that engineers and developers can essentially have their pick of open positions at your competitors. This is why we added a panel about the tech labor marketing challenges to the ISV Insights agenda on October 12 in Philadelphia. One of our panelists, talent acquisition specialist Jeff Harvey, let me pick his brain about this topic before he takes the stage at our event.