Web Exclusive

  1. Getting Respect With Channel Automation

    Indirect sales drives 75 percent of world trade across all 27 Industries. It's the biggest industry in terms of getting things to market. And yet somehow, we in the channel have this red-headed step-child complex.

  2. Channel Partners Need Your Help (But Not Via Another Email About Your Software’s Latest Features)

    When BlueStar invited me to join them at their ISV Connect Summits in 2019, I jumped at the chance to help steer education sessions. Why? Because I know many software companies want to have successful partner programs, but they struggle to execute when it comes to selling their software through indirect channels.

  3. What Is Driving Channel Transformation And Where Is It Taking Us?

    As infrastructure and infrastructure services become commoditized by cloud technology, partners are learning that the serious money is in specialization and adding true business value to their customers. In response, new channels are emerging and existing partner business models are changing to meet customers’ needs.

  4. The Exponential Power Of A Hybrid Sales Channel

    Sales reps fear losing control of their accounts. As a result, they miss out on a huge opportunity to ignite growth by gaining the scale and reach offered by the channel.

  5. Driving Channel Manager Performance Through Automation

    Channel Account Managers (CAMs) have a difficult and complex role. In the same day they often play the role of sales rep, marketing advisor, business consultant, and general manager. But many CAMs are “flapping in the wind,” as Gary Morris, founder of Successful Channels commented in a recent Channel Journeys podcast interview. They often make up their own processes and templates for important tasks, while wasting time with manual administrative work.

  6. The Cost Of Doing Nothing And The Impact On Your Financial Operations

    The finance team of a growing company can only handle so much volume before operations break or slow to a crawl. In fact, not investing or delaying an investment in a financial operations platform for your finance team may bottleneck your business with the constant flow of new sales orders, invoices, revenues, contract changes and renewals.

  7. 3 Reasons To Invest In Financial Operations Now

    As a founder or leader of a B2B SaaS business, you’re focused on driving exponential growth, while at the same time operating lean. You need to get funded and stay funded and eventually get acquired. Since your financial operations will be front and center in all funding conversations, you need to build a foundation for operational excellence in areas that will help reduce risk without negatively impacting your profitability.

  8. Is Your SaaS Or Subscription Business Outgrowing QuickBooks?

    There are five main reasons B2B SaaS or subscription-based businesses look for alternatives to QuickBooks. But the truth is solutions exist that address each challenge and make it possible to not only delay an ERP but to thrive until the move is right. 

  9. Getting SaaS Accounting And Financial Operations Right From The Start

    By 2020, more than 80 percent of software providers will change their business models from “traditional” perpetual license and maintenance to subscription-based models. A perpetual model requires customers to pay a fee upfront to purchase a license for the system or application, whereas a SaaS model requires a monthly subscription fee. While some providers, such as Dropbox, were created “as a service,” thousands of other software vendors that started out with traditional licensing models are realizing that gaining market share means embracing the preference for SaaS.

  10. Top 5 SaaS Metrics Investors Want To See – By Venture Stage

    If you don’t prepare ahead of time, you could get stuck not producing the key SaaS metrics that investors want to see when they’re considering whether to invest in your next round. Not preparing the right SaaS metrics by venture stage for your VCs can ultimately reduce valuation, or even kill your fund raise.