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  1. When Do I Need Sales Enablement?

    This is one of the most crucial questions that emerges when embarking on a sales enablement journey. Because a sales enablement solution drastically alters the way an organization conducts its sales and marketing activities, it is imperative to understand exactly when you need sales enablement.

  2. Insights From Investors: SaaS KPIs And Best Practices

    Traditional financial metrics and legacy ERP systems don’t provide adequate insights into the performance and growth of SaaS businesses. That’s because these metrics and systems were created for companies selling “one-time” products and simply don’t work for a recurring revenue business model. We understand — we’ve spent the last 10 years building our subscription management platform to help SaaS businesses better manage the recurring relationships with their subscribers and streamline the entire customer life cycle.

  3. Revenue Growth Metrics And KPIs That Matter To Investors

    If you sat down with an investor today, do you know what kind of metrics and KPIs they'd want to see for your SaaS or subscription-based business? Seeing things from their perspective might change what metrics you choose to track each month — or it might even change how you run your business.

  4. Why Software Companies Need Client Advisory Board Meetings (Not Just End User Conferences)

    The user conference is ubiquitous among SaaS providers, but comparatively few companies hold additional Customer/Client Advisory Board meetings. This, in my opinion, is a missed opportunity.

  5. Mitigating Direct vs. Indirect Sales Channel Conflict

    Selling more software through indirect sales channels can create headaches for your direct sales team – and your partners – unless you proactively take steps to address the potential conflict.

  6. What The Most Successful ISVs Do Differently

    An ISV’s effort does not end when the client is onboarded. In fact, it’s what you do after the sale that can make all the difference in your churn rate, the amount of self-referral leads you receive, and the average length of time a newly boarded customer stays with you.

  7. What Is The Difference Between Sales Enablement And Sales Operations?

    The world of sales and marketing encompasses a lot of different positions. To simply say you are in marketing or sales doesn’t do nearly enough to accurately convey what you actually do in your day-to-day. And to outsiders who aren’t familiar, the nuances of different positions can be lost on them. One of the biggest questions we see being asked nowadays is ‘what is the difference between sales enablement and sales operations?”

  8. Usage Analytics: Extensis Uses Revulytics Usage Data To Embed A Quantifiable “Voice of the Customer” Throughout Development

    Extensis® is a leading developer of solutions that help organizations increase the ROI and value of their digital assets, fonts, and large imagery. Used by more than 100,000 professionals and 5,000 companies across the globe, Extensis' solutions accelerate workflows so customers can achieve their goals faster. Extensis Uses Revulytics Usage Data to Embed a Quantifiable “Voice of the Customer” Throughout Development.

  9. Software Theft Has Cost Developers Billions Of Dollars

    Since the emergence of the commercial software industry, software vendors have struggled to overcome piracy and license misuse. Traditionally, software vendors have turned to four common approaches: licensing systems, software protection, internal compliance, and legal action. Each approach has its strengths and weaknesses. 

  10. Usage Analytics: Revulytics Helps CNC Software Dramatically Accelerate Mastercam® UI Redesign

    CNC Software knew it needed detailed product usage data to accelerate development, improve focus on the customer, and innovate more effectively. For several years, it had attempted to capture usage data through a homebuilt software usage analytics package, but found that it took far too much time and effort to visualize, analyze, and report on the terabytes of data it was generating.