Web Exclusive

  1. Getting SaaS Accounting And Financial Operations Right From The Start

    By 2020, more than 80 percent of software providers will change their business models from “traditional” perpetual license and maintenance to subscription-based models. A perpetual model requires customers to pay a fee upfront to purchase a license for the system or application, whereas a SaaS model requires a monthly subscription fee. While some providers, such as Dropbox, were created “as a service,” thousands of other software vendors that started out with traditional licensing models are realizing that gaining market share means embracing the preference for SaaS.

  2. Top 5 SaaS Metrics Investors Want To See – By Venture Stage

    If you don’t prepare ahead of time, you could get stuck not producing the key SaaS metrics that investors want to see when they’re considering whether to invest in your next round. Not preparing the right SaaS metrics by venture stage for your VCs can ultimately reduce valuation, or even kill your fund raise.

  3. Transforming A SaaS Business In A Single Week

    This founder/CEO shut his SaaS company down for a week and invested half a million dollars to reboot its culture and put it back on a path of rapid growth.

  4. We Have A Pipeline Problem

    I propose that beyond hiring qualified women to fill job vacancies, the most good I or any software executive can do to narrow the gender gap in the workplace is to leave the workplace. When it comes to gender and diversity in tech our responsibility as leaders extends beyond the office walls. We have a pipeline problem, and we can either wait for someone else to fix the pipeline, or we can fix it ourselves.

  5. When Software Engineers Take On Sales And Culture

    This CEO started a software company 30+ years ago with the belief that the engineering team should call all the shots (and as a result, he’s never had a commissioned sales force).

  6. Companies To Watch: Upper Hand

    This B2B2C software platform serves up flexible features and complementary services while growing its customer base of sports businesses 125 percent YoY.

  7. Why Aren’t Software Companies Embracing The Channel?

    The channel isn’t going away, and software isn’t getting easier or cheaper to sell. So, why do software companies struggle to capitalize on the selling power of channel partners?

  8. 5 Steps To Significant Revenue Growth In 2019

    The former CEO of Intacct – and current revenue acceleration consultant – shares time-tested strategies to help any software company grow.

  9. The New Software Marketing Mindset

    A seasoned SaaS CMO shares 5 simple moves marketers need to nail.

  10. What Software Customers Need To Be Successful

    In an effort to understand what customer success looks like from the customer perspective, we conducted a study of software professionals responsible for managing, implementing, or administering software-based initiatives within a business environment.