Web Exclusive

  1. Remote Control: How To Keep An International Workforce In Sync

    The CEO and cofounder of a rapidly growing enterprise software company explains how its mission and culture adapt to encompass team members across seven offices in two countries.

  2. 3 B2B Software Pricing Myths In A B2C World

    Unfortunately, up to 70-point margin swings are quite common in the software industry. Pricing mistakes like this quickly erode trust. By applying B2C sales tactics to your B2B software, you could be inadvertently absorbing a very large amount of risk. 

  3. An Innovative Approach To Building A Software Organization That Doesn’t Frustrate Engineers

    This CTO explains how a flat organizational structure and a methodical employee offboarding process can help engineers flourish.

  4. What Is Software Compliance Analytics?

    Software piracy is still a big issue. Customer overuse is still a big issue. So let’s talk about software compliance analytics and the data that helps you convert pirates into paying customers.

  5. A Comprehensive Guide To Ad Hoc Reporting For SaaS

    “Why should I give my users ad hoc reporting? They don’t want to create reports. Half of them barely use Excel.” We get variations on this question from software vendors all the time.

  6. Content Marketing Is On The Rise For Manufacturers

    For most manufacturing organizations there are many other concerns besides content marketing, and rightfully so. There are product concerns, logistical concerns, operational concerns, research & development concerns, and sales concerns. That’s a lot of concerns. “Concerns” kind of sounds weird now doesn’t it? Did you know that phenomenon is called semantic satiation? Fun fact!

  7. Shortlist Qualifications For Sales Enablement Solutions

    The sales enablement industry has reached the point where there are many different vendors that offer some unique tools and features. It can be difficult to sort through all the vendors and determine what’s the best fit for your organization. This task is made even more difficult when you realize that investing in a sales enablement solution is a huge step for any organization. It will impact many different stakeholders, reallocate resources, and upend traditional processes.

  8. Data And Personalization: The Shape Of Marketing In 2019

    Oh, hello there. Welcome to 2019. Have you emerged from your cocoon of holiday warmth? Judging by the leftover cookie crumbs on your face, the answer to that question appears to be “sort of.” No matter, the year is off to a blistering start as it always is in the world of sales and marketing. Perhaps you’re still wrapping up plans for the new year, or maybe you’ve hit the ground running right away. Wherever you are to kick off 2019 there are some trends you need to be aware of to be fully prepared.

  9. Turning Customer Relationships Into Partnerships

    For sales executives aiming to close the deal, it’s equally important to focus on what happens after the close. Specifically, after the sale has been made it’s critical to continue to cultivate and expand the customer relationship and realize the relationship is not simply transactional.

  10. 3 Ways RFP Responders Can Better Help Companies Win More Business

    RFPIO recently held user conferences in New York and San Francisco to learn more from industry experts and front-line users on the use of RFP automation software.