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  1. 10 Cold Email Formulas That Just Plain Work

    These formulas just plain work – and can stop people in their tracks and compel them to read your cold email. Here are 10 of the best formulas we’ve come across, as seen in real-world cold email examples from Yesware sales reps and others.

  2. How To Use Social Selling To Close More Deals

    Want to gain trust and build authentic relationships with your prospects? I have two words for you: Social selling. According to LinkedIn research, 78% of social sellers outsell their peers who don’t use social media. Social selling is the art of using social networks in front of the right prospects to build relationships and ultimately close more deals.

  3. Best Time To Send Email: A Matter Of When And Where

    When is the best time to send email? In an analysis of about 30 million cold emails sent by Yesware users, we found that about 58% of them go unopened. If you’re reading this, you’re probably finding ways to most effectively reach your contacts. No matter the relationship, it’s safe to say that the delivery of every email matters.

  4. How To Manage Your Business Development Representative Team Towards Better Results

    Having a strong business development representative team producing results is one of the most valuable optimizations you could make. If your BDRs are performing consistently, then you’ll produce pipeline consistently. And consistent pipeline generation is what leads to predictable revenue and reps hitting quotas. Today, let’s talk about how to build a better team by creating, measuring, and optimizing processes that hold BDRs accountable so that your team performs to their full capacity.

  5. How To Introduce Yourself In An Email The Right Way

    Do you know how to introduce yourself in an email the right way?  When sending a cold email, you need to introduce yourself in a way that’ll hook your recipient. This means gaining their trust right from the start. We have five ways to build trust with your recipient. So that you can enter their inbox with confidence, right from the start.

  6. How To Increase Email Engagement: Our Best Practices

    When you’re trying to reach someone and they aren’t engaging with your email, it’s incredibly frustrating. You feel like you’re waving your hands up and down yet you remain unnoticed. The bottom line: Something was off that caused a disconnect between you and your recipient.

  7. Improve Your Cold Email Reply Rates: 10 Proven Formulas That Work

    Pop quiz. What is the first goal of any cold email?  To get it read. Makes sense, right? So what’s the primary goal of your first sentence? The surprisingly simple answer is…to get the second sentence read.

  8. 5 Characteristics Of A SaaS-Focused BI Application

    There are hundreds of business intelligence solutions on the market, but not all of them are well suited to a SaaS environment. Some are intended as standalone products, for on-prem deployment, and or are built for use by individual consumers. As a SaaS provider, wading through these options is a matter of knowing what key characteristics to look for.

  9. A SaaSy Introduction To Lean UX

    Lean UX, sister discipline to the agile development method, is user experience design and usability testing for fast-paced software teams. UX designers build flowcharts, construct wireframes, and conduct user research to help teams design new product features. A UX designer working with an agile team would do all these things while adhering to the tenets of lean UX. But since we can’t really talk about lean UX until we understand agile, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.

  10. SaaS Sales Automation Is A Very Expensive Failure

    Fewer SaaS reps are making quota. Published sources credibly report over 50 percent of reps do not make quota at all. Sales automation cannot overcome fundamental market changes. Why?